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Time travel fics? [May. 29th, 2016|05:51 pm]
Star Wars Fanfic Recs

Hi everyone!

Hate to be cliche, but you're my only hope! I'm looking for Star Wars time travel fics, specifically where it's Obi-wan that goes back in time. I've read the Journey of the Whills series and absolutely loved it, if that gives any indication to preferences. I went on a binge on A03 back in January and read some brilliant ones but failed to bookmark them - which of course I'm seriously regretting! I have a preference for those time travel fics where they end up making changes to the timeline, no good juicy stories that consume your entire day.

So, any that you know of, end them my way!

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lost TFA fic [May. 1st, 2016|01:55 pm]
Star Wars Fanfic Recs


Hey all, my USB stick died and took with it all my saved fanfic (serves me right for not backing it up). Managed to re-find 95% of the fic (and put it on a new stick which I will be backing up every few weeks!) but I am missing a couple.

Looking for a Force Awakens fic which was on ao3.

Here's the details I remember:
Kylo Ren had been captured by the resistance
Someone (mainly) Rey or Leia would always sit outside his cell
The cell kept him cut off from the force
Kylo and Rey bond over repairing a droid
Rey accidentally broadcasts her emotions after spending time with Finn and Poe
Luke Skywalker had returned
Leia and Chewie are monitoring Kylo Ren from a computer and see all the wounds Snoke has inflicted on him over the years

Any help appreciated, thanks!
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Fic search [Apr. 17th, 2016|01:59 am]
Star Wars Fanfic Recs

Hey all! I've lost a fic and am hoping you can help me find it.
I'm pretty sure it's a one-shot (or at least fairly short).
I remember one part had the force ghost of Vader/Anakin watching over Kylo/Ben and wanting to stop him, but Kylo can't hear him. There was a scene (might be the same one) where Kylo is talking to the twisted/melted mask and Anakin is trying to get him to listen.
It might be a 5 times fic.
It's probably on AO3 or FF.net.
I read it in January or February.
Thanks for your help!
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ao3 force awakens fics [Mar. 14th, 2016|12:24 am]
Star Wars Fanfic Recs


I’m looking for two star wars tfa fics from ao3

one had finn at a memorial for the pilots who died at starkiller, poe showed up a bit late, he sang a bit, when he came over jess was very angry because he had not been around, she had been with one of the pilots who died(a woman) poe had spent time with finn and was busy trying to be strong and commander like,

the other had a scene were finn and poe were training resistance recruits and poe was amazed and told finn how good he was with them, he had broken them into groups and the ingraining went much faster then planned,

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Fic Search [Feb. 29th, 2016|06:21 am]
Star Wars Fanfic Recs
Hi All,

I'm looking for a specific fic.

I remember Anakin and Obi-Wan are fighting in the Clone War and are receiving no help from the Jedi Council (mostly driven by Mace). With no time off and no additional medical support, Obi-Wan is severely injured and Anakin only just manages to save his life with what they have. Some of the other Jedi realize what is happening and try to help.

Please help!
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Anakin-centric Fic Recs? [Feb. 28th, 2016|07:48 pm]
Star Wars Fanfic Recs
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Hey Guys,

Thanks to TFA I sort of fell back sideways into my love of Anakin. I'm looking for fics focused on his younger incarnation rather than Vader. So any fics you guys could recommend me in the following categories would be greatly appreciated:

1. RotS AU where Anakin doesn't fall to the dark side and/or leads (or helps out) the Rebellion.

2. Time Travel Fics where Anakin is the one going forward or backwards in time. Ideally I'd love something like Wake the Storm by Bedlamsbard,or Futurus (-a) (-um) by Cadesama, where he goes forward into the OT timeline and meets Luke and Leia.

3. AU's that aren't about Anakin starting as a sith (sort of exhausted all of those), looking for alternate timelines, gender changes (I'm dying to read a girl!Anakin), or maybe an OT or TFA character being born in the PT timeline (or viceversa) [No Modern AU's please!]

I don't really care about pairings, so both Slash and Het are fine.
Thank you so much for the help! Sorry for being so picky!
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ao3 finn/poe mission fic [Feb. 22nd, 2016|11:27 pm]
Star Wars Fanfic Recs

I'm looking for a finn/poe fic that was definetly on ao3. It was from Finn's POV and took plast post series. Finn was feeling that Poe didn't trust/believe in him. He goes on a mission to sabatoge a first order ship but dosen't tell anyone that it will be more dangerous because he has to use a failsafe. He succeeds but he gets hurt. Poe resuces him in his xwing but it was damaged and it crashed. Finn saves Poe during the crash by ejecting him and crash landing in water. He knew what button to hit to eject Poe because Poe had shown him how to fly earlier.  There was a scene before the mission where Finn is trying on his armor and hears Poe and Leia talk and he thinks Poe is doughting him but Poe is just scared to loose him.
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Fic Search [Feb. 17th, 2016|10:38 pm]
Star Wars Fanfic Recs

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I am looking for an Obi-wan/Qui Gon Jinn story. From what I remember, Obi-wan is afraid that he and Qui Gon will be split up by the council because he loves Qui Gon. Recently another master/padawan pair had been split up. When he finds out, Qui Gon says he loves Obi-wan too and reassures Obi-wan that the council will not split up a pair that are truly in love.

Any help would be appreciated. This is driving me up the wall.
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Looking for AU [Feb. 17th, 2016|12:48 pm]
Star Wars Fanfic Recs

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Hello, I was wondering if you beautiful people could recommend me fics where Anakin is the master and Obi Wan is the padawan, It can be slash or not, not really matters to me. I don't know if this has been requested before so, I will work with the link to that post. Thank you.
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Fic search [Feb. 17th, 2016|06:12 pm]
Star Wars Fanfic Recs

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Hello, I'm looking for a QuiObi fanfic, which I'm fairly sure was on m_a, in which Anakin was somewhat controlling Qui-Gon, which was the reason why he renounced Obi-Wan in front of the council. Shortly after Qui-Gon and Anakin left, Anakin severed the bond between Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon, causing Obi-Wan to have a breakdown in front of the council (because in this fanfic bonds were supposed to be severed slowly over time).
I would be very glad if someone knows which fic I'm talking about, I'm so mad at myself for neglecting to bookmark it >.
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