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Lost Story, Please Help. [Apr. 8th, 2014|09:53 pm]

Hi people, I need your help to find a story I read and stupidly forgot to bookmark.

-It was an Au set in the rebellion era,focusing for the most part on a trial in which secrets about Luke's past as part of the Empire are revealed, including the fact that he was part of some special ops group.-

-Luke had been tortured and his legs were in braces, I believe.-

-Leia and others are staying with Vader during this trial-

-Luke was engaged to an OC,and they get married in a small ceremony near the end of the story.-

-The ending was left pretty ambiguous, if I remember correctly, with Vader letting them go and getting ready to face the Emperor-

Thanks in advance.
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TPM AU [Apr. 7th, 2014|02:30 pm]

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Hiya, I am looking for a great fic by a great author that I read about a year ago (and annoyingly did not save anywhere useful). Google has not been helpful...

Basically- at the end of TPM Yoda denies Obi-Wan the chance to train Anakin, but Obi-Wan follows through with his vow to Qui-Gon. What follows is chapters of Anakin and Obi-Wan settling on Naboo. Obi-Wan takes a job in construction, tries not to bother Padme, Anakin goes to school- there is a social worker involved. All very enjoyable angsty and mundance occurances. Basically a LOT of Obi-Wan angst. There's also an appearance by Dooku and a set up for sequels. And I really want to read it again!

I hope that that's enough. Thank-you in advance!
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Looking for several fics on Jedi Council Forums [Mar. 16th, 2014|06:02 pm]
Hi. I don't know if any of these have been asked about, but I'm looking for a number of fics (most are Vader redemption fics) & I don't have the titles of any of these:
1.Vader has been redeemed, he's still alive & I believe he still has to wear the suit. He calls a press conference & suddenly Padme shows up (she's been alive the whole time). I seem to recall that this was posted in a challenge thread (I think the thread had to do with Vader/ Anakin redemption fics), but I can't find the thread & I can't remember the name of the fic.
2.Another Vader redemption fic: Anakin & Padme's Force ghosts meet the twins in the Jedi Temple. That's the only description I have. (I THINK I know this one, but I'm not sure, so please point me in the direction of any fics matching this description)
3. Anakin has died & he's in the afterlife. However, for some reason, he ends up going into the dark side area & then he has to fight his way back to the light side area (I hope this makes sense). I seem to recall seeing this in the Classic Story board section of the site.
And I'm looking for a fic. I don't know who the author is/ was, but the title of the fic is "he was". If anyone can tell me ANY info about it or if they have a copy of it or if they know where I can find it, that would be great.
I hope people can help me find these. Thanks.
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Han meet Obi-Wan and Anakin before ANH? [Mar. 16th, 2014|03:46 pm]
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I read this oneshot once, and then I lost it. It was a great fic – basically, Obi-Wan and Anakin had encountered Han during the Clone Wars (Han was just a kid at that time) and Han remembered that vaguely. Then the plot jumps to the ANH where Han recognizes Obi-Wan and smirks with a 'I know who you are' grin, and Obi-Wan pales. Then there was something more, I think, but I cannot recall anything else.

Help me find it, anybody?
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Fic File request. (Lead Me Not Into Temptation.) [Mar. 12th, 2014|05:56 pm]
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Hello, all.

I was wondering if anyone out there had a copy of Lead Me Not Into Temptation by Jaxmari,

That they would not mind sending Me?

I read it a long time ago, and, LOVED, but, unfortunately, forgot to save it. And, now, it has been deleted from all corners of the net, so, if anyone, ANYONE, could be kind enough to send Me a copy if they have one in their possession, I would be SO very, very, VERY grateful.

My email is lonewolf13@hotmail.com

Thank's for your time, all, and, here's hoping one of you peep's could help a sister out. :)
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Another One... Qui-Gon alive [Mar. 1st, 2014|06:53 pm]

I feel like I'm posting constantly lately... my computer crashed and I lost a lot of my favorites. Okay, here it is... Qui-Gon is alive and is training Anakin - I remember that he doesn't treat Obi-Wan well (maybe kicks him out of his room?) and Obi-Wan doesn't talk to him for years and feels resentful of Anakin... I know it isn't A Swiftly Tilting Galaxy, though I do love that story. Anyone know what I'm talking about?
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Uh... I'm confused... [Feb. 26th, 2014|07:18 pm]

Hi, again. I was re-reading some of my favorite fics (mostly ones I know I like but don't really remember) and I was trying to read One Clear Call and realized that half of the story is gone! Currently, parts 2,3,8, and 10 are missing. Does anyone know of somewhere I can read the entire fic, or happen to have it? I really want to read it!
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Looking for fic [Feb. 24th, 2014|08:14 pm]

I remember reading a fic a little over a year ago where Obi-Wan and Xanatos were "bonded"... I remember they ran into each other in the temple (Obi-Wan was really young) and they knew instantly. I remember the Jedi tried to break the bond, or maybe did break the bond, and that's why Xanatos went evil...

Help? Please?
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Looking for Time Travel/AU fics? [Jan. 12th, 2014|09:42 pm]

I'm looking for a specific AU fic actually, set after RotS, where Obi-wan somehow falls into an AU where everything is (more or less) nicer than his own universe. Anakin and Xanatos didn't turn, Qui-Gon is alive, Palpatine is good.  Oh, and Jar Jar Binks is evil.

Any other time-travel/AU fics (where characters travel to another universe) would be nice too, especially if they revolve around Obi-Wan
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looking for Vader fics [Dec. 20th, 2013|11:12 pm]
Hi. I'd like to know of any recommendations for these types of fics:
-Vader fics where he is NOT redeemed
-Vader/ Padme fics-
-fics where the Jedi reject Anakin (EDIT: or they send him to the Agricorps) & he becomes Vader (either willingly or not)
-fics where the Sith get Anakin first
-fics where Anakin is born into royalty or wealth/ nobility
Any fic recs would be great (EDIT: from any website (including the Wayback Machine) (including URLs of fics that have been removed (in case they're on the Wayback Machine)) (even if they're not complete or have been abandoned ). Thanks.
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