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songfics to Skillet's "Falling inside the black" [Sep. 3rd, 2016|09:45 pm]
Star Wars Fanfic Recs

Hi. I was wondering if anyone knows of any Star Wars songfics with Skillet's song "Falling inside the black". Preferably about Anakin Skywalker turning to the dark side. But, I guess if anyone knows of *any* songfics with this song, please let me know. Also, even if it's been deleted or the website has been taken down, if you have a copy, the author's name (or contact info), or the original link to the story, I would appreciate it.
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Looking for fic called: " The Droid and the General " [Sep. 3rd, 2016|10:56 pm]
Star Wars Fanfic Recs


This was an absolutely amazing story I found here: " https://www.fanfiction.net/s/2818694/6/The_Droid_and_the_General " back in 2011.

It was about General Grievous and a Battle Droid, a slash fiction, and I adored this story to bits.

However, one day... it dissapeared!
I do not even know who wrote it, otherwise I would have contacted the author personally and begged them for a copy of the story.

I have been looking for this story for years now, but never found it.. I just have the old useless link..

Please, if anyone knows this story, has a copy or knows of some trick to discover who wrote this fic, I would be incredibly grateful.

Edit: Found by the lovely and amazing endeni   =D

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Looking for Crimson [Jul. 24th, 2016|07:55 pm]
Star Wars Fanfic Recs

Please, help me! For I am desperate :D

I'm looking for the seventh and last part of Crimson by torinosu. I was able to find parts 1 to 6 through the wayback machine here but for whatever reason, it didn't save the last chapter. ;__;
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Looking for Padme/Anakin/Obi-Wan fic [Jul. 24th, 2016|05:39 pm]
Star Wars Fanfic Recs

Hi, I'm looking for a specific fic I read maybe a year or so ago.

It was focused on Padme, who was sleeping with both Anakin and Obi-Wan without their knowledge. The end heavily implies that the twins belong to both of them (ie, one was sired by Anakin, the other by Obi-Wan). It wasn't a happy fic and centred about the knowledge that the situation was spiraling as the war ended and there'd be hell to pay. There also might have been, I'm not sure, a lot of politics as well.

(I should also note that it's not Jedi Buttercups 'Never Meant to Start a War' - the fic I'm thinking of was longer and featured a much more cynical Padme).

Any similar stories would be welcome too! I just can't the idea out of my head that Luke looks more like Obi-Wan than Anakin.

EDIT: Found it! It was Fate, Inexorable by Imadra_Blue and Luthe. It was more a love triangle than OT3, that's why I had such trouble finding it.
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Really old Luke Mara fic [Jul. 17th, 2016|01:19 am]
Star Wars Fanfic Recs

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I am looking to see if anyone still has a copy of Blue Meets Green by Veronica it was one of my very first epic length Luke/Mara fics and I have been longing to reread I have traversed the internet and the wayback machine and I can't find it. It used to be in the maraandlukearchives and had a geocities page which is of course defunct. If anyone can send me a copy or point me in the right direction I would be very appreciative. THANKS!!!!!
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Looking for lost QuiObi fic [Jul. 13th, 2016|04:05 pm]
Star Wars Fanfic Recs

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Hey guys, lost a fanfic again...
it was of medium length, featuring Qui-Gon as a smuggler who has the suspicion that his memories have been altered and finds refuge with Obi-Wan, who works at a dojo. Later turns out that both of them voluntarily had their memories temporarily wiped to go undercover to dig out some criminal organization (though not before they hooked up). I think I read it on m_a, but not 100% sure. Ring any bells for anyone?

Edit: Found it, it was The Jinn Identity by MrsHamill
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Star Wars fics [Jun. 10th, 2016|04:01 pm]
Star Wars Fanfic Recs

Hey guys,
I know how hard it can be to find good fics s so I've decided to post a few suggestions. Many of you have already read some of these, but hopefully you'll find some new ones.

Shattered glass (complete)
By: Padlei
This is one of my favorite fics. Its an AU where padme dosen't go after Anakin when he goes to mustafaur. It was very well written and I recommend it to anyone who likes anidala stories. It does have a lot of angst so if your sensitive to this then this is not a fic for you. I'd give it 5 stars.

Back to the future (complete)
By: Charlie Hayden
Now I have to admit that the writing of this fic could be better but once you get past that its a great fic. This is a time travel fic in which Anakin goes to the future and meets Luke, Leia and "Ben". And I would highly recomend it to those of you who like time travel fics. The plot of this fic is great so I would give it 4.3 stars.

The shadow of Vader(complete)
By: darth vastor
Note: during the first few chapters the writing isn't as good but it gets way better.
I love this story and it is one of my favorite AU stories.
In this fic sidious wants both Anakin and Obi-wan as apprentices. And he only is able to turn one but the other is still in danger of the darkside. I could go on forever about it. This is a must read fic. I'd give it 4.5 stars.

Second Chances (complete)
This is by far one the best fics iv'e ever read.  At first I thought the plot was weird but after a while I came to relize it is a one in a million fic and if you havent read is than read it. In this story after Anakin dies in ROTJ he is given a second chance but in our world where everyone from his universe and a few new characters live without memory's of their past lives...... well except for a few people. This fic is funny, sad and includes a little angst. I'd give it 6 out of 5 stars.

From the ashes (complete)
This is a Anakin Redemption fic where he comes to his senses during the duel om mustafaur and must face the consequences of what he's done. I give this 4.5 stars.

Purgatory (complete)
By: HelenT
After dying in ROTJ Anakin goes to the afterlife and must reedeem himself.
4.7 stars.

The music box
By: swfanatic55
Padme Amidala wakes up from her coma and is brainwashed by Palpatine to serve the Empire. It will be up to Luke and Leia to save their parents, and they may receive help from a certain music box.
4.6 stars

The protector trilogy
By: TheRealThing

Note: the third book meet be incomplete but let that stop you from reading the first 2 books the incompleteness of the 3 one won't leave out anything implement the third book is kinda like the 19 years later chapter in Harry potter.

The protector (complete)
 Padme Amidala has survived, and has spent the past five years with her twins in hiding from the Emperor. She believes Anakin died on Mustafar, but soon learns the truth.

The Protector 2 Family Guy(complete)
A vignette taking place ten years after The Protector. Anakin and Padme have their hands full with seven children, and all the challenges that come along with parenthood.

Protector 3: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (incomplete)
 The next installment in the Protector series. This vignette takes place four years after the last one. Anakin Skywalker learns some rather disturbing new: his eldest daughter is dating Han Solo.

4.8 out of 5

Star wars altered universe storys.

This is a link to the authors profile. With all the fics

Starting with episode. 2 the author rewrited the star wars episodes.
4.5 stars


Free from force (complete)
This fix had a m rating but that is only because of 2 chapters that include torture scenes but they are not essential to the story line so you would be fine skipping them the AN tells you which ones they are before the chapter. This was a great story were Vader goes back in time but he isn't fully Vader or Anakin. The main difference between this and other time travels is that Vader isn't the only Anakin the nine number year old Anakin is still in thr galaxy along with the 23 year old vader. Two Anakins twice the trouble.

Forgive the grammar errors I typed this up on my phone where spell check likes to change what I wrote and I didn't have time to proofread so sorry.
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AU Fic [Jun. 5th, 2016|03:01 pm]
Star Wars Fanfic Recs
Hi everybody!

I'm looking for a fic I found a while ago, but I can't find it anywhere anymore.

Basically, Anakin never turned and he is still married to Padme. He is looking after a Padawan who kidnaps Luke and then Luke ends up on a deserted planet with schoolchildren who's ship got lost years ago.

If anybody has any idea where this fic went, I really appreciate it!
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Time travel fics? [May. 29th, 2016|05:51 pm]
Star Wars Fanfic Recs

Hi everyone!

Hate to be cliche, but you're my only hope! I'm looking for Star Wars time travel fics, specifically where it's Obi-wan that goes back in time. I've read the Journey of the Whills series and absolutely loved it, if that gives any indication to preferences. I went on a binge on A03 back in January and read some brilliant ones but failed to bookmark them - which of course I'm seriously regretting! I have a preference for those time travel fics where they end up making changes to the timeline, no good juicy stories that consume your entire day.

So, any that you know of, end them my way!

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lost TFA fic [May. 1st, 2016|01:55 pm]
Star Wars Fanfic Recs


Hey all, my USB stick died and took with it all my saved fanfic (serves me right for not backing it up). Managed to re-find 95% of the fic (and put it on a new stick which I will be backing up every few weeks!) but I am missing a couple.

Looking for a Force Awakens fic which was on ao3.

Here's the details I remember:
Kylo Ren had been captured by the resistance
Someone (mainly) Rey or Leia would always sit outside his cell
The cell kept him cut off from the force
Kylo and Rey bond over repairing a droid
Rey accidentally broadcasts her emotions after spending time with Finn and Poe
Luke Skywalker had returned
Leia and Chewie are monitoring Kylo Ren from a computer and see all the wounds Snoke has inflicted on him over the years

Any help appreciated, thanks!
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