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Star Wars Fanfic Recs

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fics by "denimlace_dream" [Feb. 9th, 2018|12:43 am]
Star Wars Fanfic Recs

Hi everyone. It's me again. I just found out that one of the LJ author's I follow has left & purged their account. I was wondering if anyone had copies of denimlace_dreams fics (especially her "son of the sith" fic. If anyone has any of her fics (I don't care if it's the whole thing), I'd really appreciate it. Also, if anyone has their contact info, I'd appreciate that too. Thanks.
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Anakin drawn to Obi Wan instead of Padme/Time Travel fics [Feb. 1st, 2018|12:01 am]
Star Wars Fanfic Recs

Hey guys! I'm looking for two types of fics today

  1. So you know how Anakin is sort of instantly is drawn to Padme when he sees her, even as a child? I was wondering if there were any Obikin fics featuring this. Basically I am wondering if there are any fics, where Anakin "falls in love" with Obi Wan instead of Padme when they go to Tatooine, and this progresses as he gets older; or in other words, what would happen if Anakin had fallen in love with Obi Wan insead of Padme as a child? Fics which I've already read with a similar plot are Hourglass and In Innocence.

  2. Are there any good time travle fics featuring the sequel characters going back in time (as in Rey/Finn/Poe)? So far I haven't really found any, and I'm reay curious to see if they exist.

Thank you!
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trying to find specific fic about TFA (SPOILER WARNING) [Jan. 28th, 2018|04:48 pm]
Star Wars Fanfic Recs

Hi. I'm trying to find a specific fic that was posted on fanfiction.net The plot is the spirits of Anakin & Padme watching different moments of the Force Awakens. What really stuck out is Anakin's reaction when Kylo kills Han. If anyone knows what the title might be or who the author might be, I would really appreciate it. If anyone has a copy of this fic, I'd really appreciate it. Any help would be appreciated.
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Looking for a Padawan!Obi-Wan fic [Jan. 28th, 2018|07:31 pm]
Star Wars Fanfic Recs

Hi guys!

I've been trying to track down this specific fic for what seems like years now so I thought I'd ask for some help! I think it was on fanfiction.net given that I first read this quite a while back, but of course it may have migrated since then (I just can't track it down)!

The store revolves around a young Padawan!Obi-Wan who is outside of the Jedi Temple when it's attacked by Xanatos and a rag-tag team of bad guys. The council are tied up & force-blocked (maybe?) at the top of the temple and Obi-Wan basically has to get into the temple & fight his way up to the top, getting more & more injured but taking the bad guys down along the way. If I remember right, he eventually fights Bruck somewhere near the end before taking on Xanatos to rescue the Council whilst highly injured. Like most of its kind, the story also deals with the fact that Qui-Gon hasn't really bonded with Obi-Wan yet due to the 'Xanatos Issue'.

If anyone has any memory of this fic or could point me in the right direction I'd really appreciate it. Thanks in advance for any help & have a great day!
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Looking for Full Copy of fic called The Dark Side of The Light by Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan [Jan. 18th, 2018|11:52 pm]
Star Wars Fanfic Recs

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Hi I'm trying to find a full copy of a Star Wars fic called "The Dark Side of The Light" by Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan.

I found the first chapter on masterapprentice.com and the summary says it is 13k in length but when you open the fic up it looks hardly longer that 1k and that makes me think it is missing more chapters. The site is no longer maintained and says it supposedly moved all the stories over to AO3 but I've searched for this particular one on there and had no luck. I've read else where that other people have had similar issues on masterapprentice.com with stories only showing one chapter now as opposed to the whole story it original had.

My question is does anyone have full copy of whatever was originally posted of this story that they could either send a copy to me or would be willing to send me a link to a site where I can read the whole thing as the first chapter is really good and I really want to read more!!! Thanks so much for your time. And I wish you a wonderful day.

Story Summary: The line between what is right and what is wrong can easily be crossed when someone you care for is in danger.
Is Qui-gon attuned closely enough to the Force to save Obi-Wan or will he succumb to the Dark side?
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Looking for two Obi-Wan fics (featuring nightclubs?) [Jan. 15th, 2018|12:22 am]
Star Wars Fanfic Recs


Hi, I've desperately been searching for a couple of Obi-Wan fics (although the snippets I remember may actually be from the same fic?) and it's driving me crazy. 

Both remembered snippets feature nightclubs. I've given as much detail as I can remember, which is sadly not a lot about the overarching plots of either story!  

Thanks so much for any help!

1. Obi-Wan was in a nightclub with friends. I believe they were newly knighted and out celebrating. The nightclub's name had something to do with the sky — it might have been called "Beautiful Sky" — and inside the club it had a roof that looked like a bunch of stars. I think Obi-Wan was dating the owner of the nightclub (a guy) so they returned to the club a number of times. 

At some point, there was an explosion in the nightclub, and the guy who owned the club was killed. 

Sadly, that's all I can remember. 

2. Has a scene where Garen, Obi-Wan, Bruck (all young adults who are now friends) are on an undercover mission in a nightclub. Bant and Siri wind up at the same club (not undercover). I think Obi-Wan and Siri dance together at some point, but it was not an Obi-Wan/Siri story. 

Earlier in this story, Bruck had realised that he had a crush on Obi-Wan and that was partly why he was so antagonistic towards him. He and Obi-Wan spar and it gets a bit out of hand, requiring intervention from Qui-Gon, I think (...not super clear on that)? Bruck goes to his master (a woman who was an OC, I think) and has a bit of a break down, and eventually sorts himself out.

Bant, later, reflects that Bruck has now become as dear to her as her other friends. 

EDIT: Found — It's Shades of Light by Shannz on ff.net

Again, thanks in advance for any help :)! 

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(no subject) [Jan. 4th, 2018|12:08 pm]
Star Wars Fanfic Recs

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Hey this has been driving me crazy, i've been typing in keywords to no avail:

so the fic deals with obi wan telling anakin about his experiences as a padawan? i especially remember them going to obi wans rooms to talk over a cup of tea and anakin was especially horrified to learn that if kids arent chosen at 13 they get shipped off to bandomeer (i think it dealt quite a bit with jedi apprentice stuff). at the end anakin tells obi wan about anidala and obi wan says he knew but didnt know they were actually married and palpatine was discovered to be the sith lord too. it wasnt crazy long but it was decent i think somewhere between 2-5k maybe? also i think it was on ao3 but not 100% sure on it...

im so bummed i cant find it bc its one of my fave sw fics...

EDIT: found it, it's Good Men by Mir Queen on ff.net in case anyone else wants to take a gander :D

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Looking for fics [Jan. 3rd, 2018|04:49 pm]
Star Wars Fanfic Recs

I hope someone can help. I am looking for a fic that was posted on Ao3. It's premise is if the Jedi are part of a reality show like Cops and everything from the clone wars is scripted for tv ratings. Thank you.
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Looking for fics [Jan. 1st, 2018|01:39 am]
Star Wars Fanfic Recs

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Hi guys, Happy New Year!

Had my Return of the Jedi rewatch - and got me wondering: do you know any fics where at the end Luke dies, and Vader lives? Or well, any fic where Luke dies along the way before/while defeating the Emperor?

Any suggestions would be awesome.
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Padawan Obi-Wan era [Dec. 18th, 2017|03:31 am]
Star Wars Fanfic Recs
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What I remember about the fic I'm looking for is this:
-Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan go on a supposed diplomatic mission, which is actually a test, that also acts as a trial for Knighthood (?)
-Obi-Wan thought that Qui-Gon had died but he couldn't believe it.
- Obi-Wan felt that there was something wrong with him coz he couldn't even cry though his Master had died
- Obi-Wan stumbles upon the 'base of operations' and there was an ObiQui reunion.
Any help would be appreciated! I'm literally going out of my mind.

EDIT: I found it. I've put the link in the comments.
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