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Star Wars Fanfic Recs
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This is a community for Star Wars fanfic recomendations. Any kind of SW fic is allowed here, but please be sure that controversial topics and adult material are clearly marked.

You can go freeform, or fill out the form below. Either way, please be sure to include title, author, rating, and era/characters.

If you post an excerpt, please use a lj-cut tag.

The rules:
1. Only Star Wars and SW crossover fics.
2. No bashing or flaming. (You can rant in fanficrants)
3. Please don't rec your own stuff or post stories. swfanfic and sw_fictorium both allow story posting, and if you want constructive criticism, find a reviewer at con_crit
5. General questions or requests regarding SW fanfic, authors, or sites are allowed.

- Works in Progress are fine as long as there is a good number of chapters and the story is being regularly updated. Please be sure to note that the story is a WIP, though!
- Anonymous comments are screened to prevent spammers, and chances are will not be approved in anything resembling a timely fashion. Your best bet is to create an account.

Your mod is duncatra.

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Allowed Promotions:
Members are allowed to post links to new communities, fic challenges, and the like, so long as they are related to or involve Star Wars fan fiction. Pimping your own fic is not allowed. Such posts will be deleted. But feel free to add all the SW fic sites you want to this post.
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